Plan of Examination and Syllabus for Preliminary Examination For selection on the post of Block Education Officer there will be paper of general studies (objective) in the preliminary examination, in which the no. of questions will be-120, marks-300 and duration-2 hours. Syllabus General Studies Time-Two Hours Question-120 Marks-300 1. General Science 2. History of India 3. Indian National Movement 4. Indian Polity, Economy & Culture 5. Indian Agriculture, Commerce & Trade 6. Population, Ecology & urbanization (In India context) 7. World Geography & Indian Geography & Natural Resources of India 8. Current National and International Important events 9. General Intellgentia including Logic & Reasoning 10. Specific Knowledge regarding Education, Culture, Agriculture, Industry Trade, Living & Social Traditions of Uttar Pradesh 11. Elementry Mathematics up to Class 10th level:-Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. APPENDIX-5 Plan of Examination and Syllabus for Main (Written) Examination In the Main (Written) Examination, there will be two compulsory papers like General Studies and General Hindi and Essay of 3-3 hours and 200-200 marks. Thus, the main examination will be total of 400 marks. The question papers and the division of marks for the composition of general study paper is as follows: Total number of questions will be 40. All questions will be mandatory. All the questions will be divided into sections. Under Section A, 10 questions will be of general answer (word limit of answers is 125) and each question will be of 10 marks. Under Section B, 10 questions will be short answer (word limit of answers is 50) and each question will be of 6 marks. Under Section C, 20 questions will be very short answer (word limit of answers is 25) and each question will be of 2 marks. Under General Hindi and Essay, the First section will be of 100 marks of general Hindi and second section of Hindi Essay will be of 100 marks. Syllabus General Studies Time-3 Hours Question-120 M.M.-200 1. History of India 2. Indian National Movement and Indian Culture 3. Geography of India 4. Indian Polity 5. Indian Agriculture 6. Current National Issues and topics of Social relevance, India and the World 7. Indian Economy 8. International Affairs and Institutions 9. Development in the field of Science and Technology, Communication and Space 10. Recent development in education (Indian context) 11. Specific knowledge regarding Culture, Agriculture, Industry Trade, Living & Social Traditions of Uttar Pradesh 1- vifBr x|k a’k dk l a{k si.k] mll s lEcfU/kr i z’u] j s[kk afdr v a’kk s a dh O;k[;k ,o a mldk mi; qDr ‘kh”k ZdA 2- ‘kkldh; ,o a v) Z’kkldh; i=] dk;k Zy; vkn s’k@Kki] vf/kl wpuk] i z sl foKfIr vk Sj ifji= lEcU/kh i=y s[ku@vky s[kuA 3- okD;k s a dk fgUnh l s v ax s zth ,o a v ax s zth l s fgUnh e s a vu qoknA 4- vu sdkFkh Z ‘kCn] foyk se ‘kCn] i;k Z;okph ‘kCn] rRle ,o a rn ~Hko] {k s=h;] fon s’kh ¼’kCn Hk.Mkj½] or Zuh] vFk Zck s/k] ‘kCn&:i] l af/k] lekl] fØ;k; s a] fgUnh o.k Zekyk] fojke fpUg] ‘kCn jpuk] okD; jpuk] vFk Z] e qgkoj s ,o a yk sdk sfDr;k ¡] m0i z0 dh e q[; ck sfy;k ¡ rFkk fgUnh Hkk”kk d s i z;k sx e s a gk su s okyh v’k qf);k ¡A bld s vUrx Zr nk s mi[k.M gk s ax s aA i zR; sd mi[k.M l s ,d&,d fucU/k ¼d qy feykdj nk s fucU/k½ fy[ku s gk s ax s aA i zR; sd fucU/k dh foLrkj lhek 700 ‘kCn gk sxhA fucU/k g sr q fuEuor ~ {k s= gk s ax s a%& ¼v½ (i) lkfgR;] l aLÑfr (ii) jk”V ªh; fodkl ;k stuk; s a@fØ;kUo;u (iii) jk”V ªh;] vUrjk Z”V ªh;] lkef;d lkekftd leL;k; s a@funku ¼c½ (i) foKku] i;k Zoj.k (ii) i zkÑfrd vkink; s a ,o a mud s fuokj.k (iii) Ñf”k] m|k sx ,o a O;kikj Secretary


Commencement of On-line Application : 13/12/2019 Last Date for Receipt of Examination Fee On-line in the Bank: 10/01/2020 Last Date for On-line Submission of Application: 13/01/2020 If at any stage it is found that the candidate has concealed or misrepresented any desired/required information, his candidature may be canceled and other appropriate action like debarrment may be initiated against him. SPECIAL NOTICE : (a) On-Line Applications will be accepted only when prescribed fee is deposited in the Bank upto prescribed last date for fee deposition. If the fee is deposited in Bank after the last date prescribed for fee deposition, the on-line application of the candidate will not be accepted and the fee deposited in the Bank will not be refunded in any condition. It will be responsibility of the candidates to deposit fee in the Bank upto the last date prescribed for fee deposition and to ‘submit’ the application upto the last date prescribed for submission of applications. It is also informed that any amount deposited in the form of examination fee shall not be refunded in any condition. (b) In Online Application System, the candidates have to provide their Mobile No. and valid e-mail ID in prescribed column failing which their Basic Registration shall not be completed. All relevant informations/ instructions shall be sent through SMS on that mobile and e-mail on their valid e-mail ID. NECESSARY INFORMATION TO APPLICANTS FOR FILLING THEIR APPLICATIONS THROUGH ON-LINE This advertisement is also available on the Commission’s website The online application system is applicable for applying against this advertisement. Applications sent by any other mode shall not be entertained hence candidates are advised to apply On-line only. In connection with On-line application, candidates are advised to go through the instructions thoroughly given as under and apply accordingly:- 1. W hen the candidate clicks “ALL NOTIFICATIONS/ ADVERTISEMENTS” on the Commission’s website http:// the On-line advertisement shall be automatically displayed, wherein there shall be 3 parts as given below: (i) User Instructions (ii) View Advertisement (iii) Apply A list of all the advertisements will be displayed in which “On-line System” is applicable. The Instructions for filling On-line form have been given in User Instruction. The Candidates desirous to see the advertisement will have to click before ‘View Advertisement’ to which they are desirous to see, full advertisement will be displayed along with sample snapshots of ON-LINE Application Procedure. Click on “Apply” for On-line Application. On-line application will be completed in three stages : First Stage: On clicking “Apply”, Candidate Registration will be displayed. Basic Registration form will be displayed on clicking the ‘Candidate Registration’ respective to Examination. After filling the Basic Registration form, the candidates must check all the informations filled by them. If any correction / modification is required, click on “Edit” button and ensure the required corrections / modifications. After being fully satisfied with all the informations filled, click on ‘Submit Application’. Consequently, the registration of first stage shall be over. Thereafter “Print Registration Slip” shall be displayed and Print of Registration Slip must be taken by clicking on Print Registration Slip. Second Stage: After the completion of the procedure of first stage, ‘Fee to be deposited [in INR]’ shall be displayed with caption “Click here to proceed for payment”. After clicking the above caption of “Click here to proceed for payment”, home page of State Bank MOPS (Multi Option Payment System) shall be displayed comprising of 03 modes of payment viz. (i) NET BANKING (ii) CARD PAYMENTS and (iii) OTHER PAYMENT MODES. After depositing the required fee by any one of the above prescribed modes, “Payment Acknowledgement Receipt (PAR)” shall be displayed along with detail of fee deposition, the print of which must be taken by clicking on “Print Payment Receipt.” Third Stage: On completion of the procedure of second stage, click on “Proceed for final submission of application form as a result of which ‘format’ shall be displayed. The candidates are required to enter all the required informations in the format. The photo and signature, duly scanned shall be uploaded also. The candidate should scan his/her photograph and signature in the prescribed size (the size will be mentioned at the specified space in the On-line application). This should also be kept in notice that the photo must be latest passport size. In case the photo and signature, scanned in the prescribed size, are not uploaded, then the On-line system will not accept it. The procedure related for scanning of the photo and signature is laid down in the Appendix-1. After filling in all entries in the format, the candidates may click “PREVIEW” to see for themselves that all entries and informations are correctly entered and after satisfying themselves should click “Submit” button to forward the same to the Commission. It is essential that the candidate should fill all informations On-line correctly according to the instructions given and click the “Submit” button by the last date prescribed for submission of the application form. If the candidate does not click the “Submit” button, the ON-LINE application process shall not be completed finally and the candidate shall be accountable for this. After clicking the ‘Submit’ button, the candidate may take a print of the application to preserve it with them. In the event of any discrepancy, the candidate will be required to submit the said print in the office of the Commission, otherwise his/her request shall not be entertained. However it is clarified to the candidates that at the stage of preliminary examination, the hard copy of the documents including their On-line Application should not be sent to the commission. 2. Application Fee: In the ON-LINE Application process, after completing the procedure of first stage, Category wise prescribed examination fee is to be deposited as per instructions provided in second stage. The prescribed fee of Preliminary examination for different categories is as under:- (i) Unreserved / Economically – Exam fee Rs. 100/- + On-line Weaker Section / Other processing fee Rs. 25/- Total Backward Class = Rs. 125/- (ii) Scheduled Caste / – Exam fee Rs. 40/- + On-line Scheduled Tribe processing fee Rs. 25/- Total = Rs. 65/- (iii) Handicapped – Exam fee NIL + On-line processing fee Rs. 25/- Total = Rs. 25/- (iv) Ex-Service Man – Exam fee Rs. 40/- + online processing fee Rs. 25/- Total = Rs. 65/- (v) Dependents of the Freedom–According to their original category Fighters/Women 3. The Basic Registration of such candidates will not be accepted who have been debarred from U.P. Public Service Commission and their period of debarment has not been completed. In addition to above, the applications submitted without requisite informations regarding debarment, if it is found at any stage in future that the applications have been submitted concealing this fact, his/her candidature will be rejected at any stage and the commission will consider to debar them from all future examinations/selections including extension of debarment period. In this regard, if the claims of the candidates made in their On-line applications are not found true, they can be debarred not only from the examination in question but from all the future examinations and selections made by the commission also including other appropriate penalties. 4. Modify Submitted Application: If a candidate comes to know about any error/errors in the submitted application form except in exam, name and type of recruitment, Registered Mobile Number, E-mail ID, Aadhaar Number and such cases where prescribed fee for modified category is higher (In case of error in these entries, candidate may submit new online application with prescribed fee only as previously deposited fee will neither be adjusted nor refunded) he/she will be given only one opportunity to modify it/them according to the following procedure before the last date of the submission of application form. “Candidate has to click on ‘Modify Submitted Application’ under ‘Online application process’ in Candidate Segment. After that ‘Candidate Personal Details’ will be displayed on the screen to fill in Registration No., Date of Birth, Gender, Domicile and Category. After filling the Verification code the candidate has to click on the ‘proceed’ button following which for Authentication of the candidate OTP (One Time Password) will be sent on the registered mobile no. of the candidate and the Option-Box will be displayed on the screen to fill in the OTP. After the candidate has filled in the OTP and clicks on the ‘proceed’ button his/her previously submitted on line application form will be displayed on the screen. The candidate can submit his/her on line application form after making required modifications in it. This facility will be available to the candidates only one time within the last date of submission of application form.” 5. The U.P. Public Service Commission shall hold Preliminary Examination at various Centres of the Districts mentioned in Appendix-2 of this advertisement for selecting suitable candidates for admission to the Block Education Officer (Main) Examination 2019. The selection will be made on the basis of total marks obtained by the candidates in Main (written) examination. The Centre of Examination, decided by the Commission, will be intimated to the candidates by means of their e-Admission Certificate. The no. of Districts/centres may be increased/decreased according to final number of applications received in the office of the Commission. 6. No. of Vacancies: Presently, the no. of Vacancies is 309 which may be increase or decrease in exceptional circumstances on the request of the State Government. Nature of Post: Group ‘C’ Gazetted, Pay Scale ` 9,300/- – 34,800/-, Grade Pay – 4,800/- 7. Reservation: The reservation for Economically Weaker Sections of U.P., Scheduled Castes of U.P./Scheduled Tribes of U.P./Other Backward Class candidates of U.P. shall be admissible in accordance with the provisions of relevant Govt. Rules. Accordingly, reservation for category under horizontal as Dependents of Freedom Fighters of U.P., P.H. of U.P., Women candidates and Ex-serviceman of U.P. shall be admissible on settlement of vacancies. Reservation for P.H. of U.P. shall be permissible for the notified/identified Posts. Note : (1) ‘kklukn s’k l a[;k&39 fjV@dk&2@2019 fnuk ad&26 t wu] 2019 }kjk ‘kklukn s’k l a[;k&18@1@99@dk&2@2006 fnuk ad&09 tuojh] 2007 d s i zLrj&4 e s a fn; s x; s i zkfo/kku] ^^;g Hkh Li”V fd;k tkrk g S fd jkT;k/khu yk sd l sokvk s a vk Sj ink s a ij lh/kh Hkrh Z d s i zØe ij efgykvk s a dk s vu qeU; mijk sDr vkj{k.k d soy mRrj i zn s’k dh e wy fuoklh efgykvk s a dk s gh vu qeU; g S** dk s fjV ;kfpdk l a[;k&11039@ 2018 fofiu d qekj ek S;k Z o vU; cuke mRrj i zn s’k jkT; o vU; rFkk lEc) 6 vU; fjV ;kfpdkvk s a e s a ek- mPp U;k;ky;] bykgkckn }kjk fnuk ad&16-01-2019 dk s vf/kdkjkrhr (ULTRA VIRES) ?kksf”kr dju s lEcU/kh fu.kZ; ds vu qikyu e sa ‘kklukn s’k fnuk ad&09-01-2007 l s i zLrj&04 dk s foyk sfir fd, tku s dk fu.k Z; fy;k x;k g SA mDr fu.k Z; ‘kklu }kjk ek- mPp U;k;ky; d s vkn s’k fnuk ad&16-01-2019 d s fo#) nk;j fo’k s”k vihy ¼Mh½ l a[;k&475@2019 e s a ek- U;k;ky; }kjk ikfjr gk su s oky s vfUre fu.k Z; d s v/khu gk sxkA (2) The Candidates claiming the benefit of reservation/age relaxation must obtain, in support of their category a certificate issued by competent authority on the proforma available on Appendix-3 of the Website of this detailed advertisement and shall submit the same to the Commission when asked for. (3) All Reserved candidates of U.P. must mention their Category /Sub Category in the Application. (4) Candidates claiming reservation/age relaxation in more than one category will be entitled to only one concession whichever is more beneficial to them. (5) The Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Class, Economically weaker Section, Dependents of Freedom Fighters, P.H. and Ex-serviceman candidates who are not the permanent resident of U.P. shall not be given the benefit of reservation/age relaxation. Such candidates shall be treated as the candidates of the General Category. (6) In case of women candidates the caste certificate issued from father side only be treated valid. (7) For Ex-Army personnel in class-III post, the reservation will be admissible as per rules. (8) It is mandatory for the candidates to enclose self-attested copies of all the certificates alongwith the application forms of Main Examination in support of the claims made by them in their application forms of Preliminary Examination regarding eligibility and category/sub-category for the benefit of reservation failing which their claim as a reserved category candidate shall not be entertained. 8. Conditions of Eligibility (For age relaxation only): Eligibility in case of Emergency Commissioned/Short Service Commissioned Officers: In accordance with the provisions of the G.O. No. 22/10/1976- karmik-2-85, dated 30-1-1985 Emergency Commissioned/Short Service Commissioned Officers who have not been released from Army but whose period of Army service has been extended for rehabilitation, may also apply for this examination on the following conditions: (A) Such applicants will have to obtain a certificate of the competent authority of Army, Navy, Air Force to the effect that their period of Service has been extended for rehabilitation and no disciplinary action is pending against them. (B) Such applicants will have to submit in due course a written undertaking that in case they are selected for the post applied for, they will get themselves released immediately from the Army Service. The above facilities will not be admissible to Emergency/Short Service Commissioned Officers, if (a) he gets permanent Commission in the Army, (b) he has been released from the Army on tendering resignation, (c) he has been released from the Army on grounds of misconduct or physical disability or on his own request and who gets gratuity. 9. Marital Status: Male candidates who are married and have more than one wife living and female candidates who have married a person already having a wife, shall not be eligible unless the Hon’ble. Governor has granted an exemption from this condition. 10. Educational Qualification: The candidates must possess the following qualification upto the last date for receipt of application. Essential: (i) a Bachelors degree in Education from a University established by law in India or qualification recognised by the Government or equivalent thereto and in case Bachelors degree is not in Education, the L.T. diploma of the Government Training College or the Government Basic Training College awarded by the Registrar, Departmental Examinations, Uttar Pradesh: Provided that, other things being equal preference shall be given to those candidates who possess L.T. diploma in Basic Education from Government Basic Training College or who hold a degree or diploma or certificate of any special course of training in Basic Education from any University or Board established by law in India or from the Education Department of any other State Government. Preferential: Other things being equal such candidate shall be given preference who (1) Has served for a minimum period of two years in Territorial Army or (2) Has obtained “B” certificate of N.C.C. 11. Age Limit: (i) Candidates must have attained the age of 21 years and must not have crossed the age of 40 years on July 1, 2019 i.e. they must have not been born earlier than 2nd July, 1979 and not later than July 1, 1998. For PH candidates, the maximum age limit is 55 years i.e. they must have not been born before 02 July, 1964, (ii) Relaxation in Upper Age Limit: (a) Upper age limit shall be greater by five years for candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes of U.P., Scheduled Tribes of U.P., Other Backward Classes of U.P., Skilled players of classified Games, State Govt. employees of U.P. including the teachers/Staff of Basic Shiksha Parishad of U.P. and teachers/Staff of the Govt. Aided Madhyamik Vidyalayas of U.P. i.e. they must have not been born before 2nd July 1974. (b) For the Ex-Army Personnels of U.P. Age relaxation and reservation shall be given according to the Rule for Group-C posts. 12. Some Information About Main Examination : (i) Only such candidates will be admitted to the Main (written examination) who are declared successful in the Preliminary Examination for which the successful Candidates will have to fill up another application form according to instructions of the Commission and for this application, the Examination fees for unreserved (General), Economically weaker sections, Other Backward Class and for Candidates of Other States is Rs. 160/- and Rs. 25/- as Online Processing fees = Rs. 185/- and for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Candidates the fees is Rs. 70/- and Rs. 25/- as On-line processing fees = Rs. 95/- only. The Candidates of Physically Handicapped category of U.P. are exempted from fees but they have to pay Rs. 25/- only as On-line Processing fees. Candidates of Ex-Army Personnels of U.P. Exam Fees is Rs. 70/- and Rs. 25/- as on-line processing fees = Rs. 95/- only but the candidates of D.F.F. and women candidates shall have to deposit their fees according to their original category. (ii) Candidates should carefully note that they will have to appear in the main examination against the same Roll No. allotted for the Preliminary Examination. (iii) The dates and venue for the Main examination shall be informed by the Commission later on through e-Admit cards. Note: The candidates must enclose all certificates in support of their claims rendered in the application form for main examination. If they do not enclose certificates in support of their claims, their candidature shall be cancelled. 13. Important Instructions For Candidates: (1) As per decision of the UPPSC a candidate will be liable to be debarred from this examination and all other future examinations and selections upto a maximum period of five years for furnishing any wrong information in his/her application form which can not be substantiated by relevant documents or for any other malpractice. (2) The claim of category, subcategory, domicile, gender, date of birth, name and address will be valid only till the last date of online application. On submission of false/misleading information the candidature will be cancelled. In this regard no application for error correction/modification shall be acceptable. Incomplete application form shall be summarily rejected and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard. (3) The date of birth of the candidates shall be admissible as entered in High School Certificate. The candidate will have to attach his/ her High School or Equivalent Examination Certificate with the application form of Main Examination. No Other Certificates shall be acceptable for Date of Birth and if it is not attached with the application, it shall be rejected. (4) The candidates will have to enclose self attested copies of Marksheets, Certificates & Degrees alongwith the application form of Main examination in support of their claims of Educational Qualifications. If they do not enclose self attested certificates/documents in support of their claims, the applications shall be rejected. (5) The benefit of reservation to the categories of Handicapped persons of society shall be given only on the posts which shall be identified by the Government for their Sub category. For this benefit, the Handicapped persons must produce a certificate of being handicapped in that Sub category issued by prescribed Medical Officer/Specialist and counter signed by the Chief Medical Officer according to Rule 3 of U.P. Public Service (Reservation for physically Handicapped, Dependent of Freedom Fighters and Ex-Servicemen (Amendment) Act, 2018. It is worth while mentioning that as per section-3 of the said Act, the new identification of post has not yet been received from the government, however as per identification (Category/Subcategory) mentioned in requisitions received from the Appointing authorities the selection process will be completed accordingly. (6) The Ex-Army personnels must be discharged from Army up to the last date prescribed for receipt of applications. (7) Date, time and venue etc. of examination along with Roll No. will be communicated to the candidates through e-Admit Cards. Candidates will have to appear at the centre/venue allotted to them by the Commission. No change in centre/venue is permissible and no application shall be entertained in this regard. (8) The candidature/selection of such candidates who are subsequently found ineligible according to the terms laid down in advertisement will be cancelled and their any claim for the Main Examination will not be entertained. The decision of the Commission regarding eligibility of the candidates shall be final. (9) The Application/candidature will be rejected/cancelled if the application is not submitted on prescribed form, date of birth is not mentioned or wrong date of birth is mentioned, overage, under age, not fulfilling the minimum educational qualifications, applications received after last date and no signature under declaration in the format. (10) The Commission may admit the candidates provisionally after summary checking of the applications but if it is found at any stage that applicant was not eligible or that his/her application should have been rejected or was not entertainable initially, his/her candidature will be rejected and if the candidate is selected, the recommendation of the Commission for the appointment shall be withdrawn. (11) The Commission reserves the right of cancelling the candidature of any candidate found indulging in any malpractice i.e. copying in examination hall or indiscipline, misbehavior or canvassing for his/her candidature. On violation of these instructions, the candidates may be debarred from this examination as well as future Examinations and selections. In this regard, decision of the Commission shall be final. (12) In all communication to the Commission, the candidate must mention the name of examination, advertisement No., registration No., date of birth of candidate, father’s/Husband’s name and also the Roll Number, if communicated. (13) Candidates selected for appointment will have to undergo Medical Examination as required under the Rules. (14) On the basis of the Preliminary Examination, thirteen times candidates to the number of vacancies, shall be declared qualified for the Main Examination. (15) The candidates who are appearing in the Examination of essential qualification prescribed for the posts need not apply, because they are not eligible. (16) While filling the OMR answer sheets, the candidates must use Black Ball Point Pen Only. Use of any other pen or pencil is strictly prohibited. (17) Candidates are directed to fill in all the entries correctly in the OMR Answer Sheet. In case of leaving them blank or filling them erroneously the candidate will be wholly responsible for the same & the commission will not evaluate his/her OMR Answer Sheet. The informations filled in the Answer sheets must not be erased by whitener, blade or rubber etc. (18) Candidates shall be provided OMR answer sheets in duplicates i.e. original copy and candidate’s copy. After completion of the examination, the candidates are required to hand over the original copy to the Invigilator and the candidate’s copy to keep with them. (19) In the Preliminary Examination for the objective type Question papers, penalty (Negative Marking) shall be imposed for wrong answers given by the candidates which is as below:– (i) There are four alternatives for the answer to every question. For each question for which a wrong answer has been given by the candidate, one third (0.33) of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty. (ii) If a candidate gives more than one answer, it will be treated as a wrong answer even if one of the given answer happens to be correct and there will be same penalty as above for that question. (iii) If a question is left blank i.e. no answer is given by the candidate, there will be no penalty for that question. (20) The minimum efficiency standard for S.C. & S.T. candidates is fixed as 35% i.e. the Candidates of these Categories shall not be placed in the merit/select list if they have secured less than 35% marks in the Preliminary/ Main examination. Similarly, the minimum efficiency standard for the candidates of other categories is fixed as 40% i.e. such candidates shall not be placed in the merit/select list if they have secured less than 40% marks in the Preliminary/Main examination. All such candidates who have secured less marks than the marks of minimum efficiency standard as fixed by the Commission shall be treated unsuitable. (21) The candidates shall be required to obtain such minimum marks in compulsory paper of General Hindi as may be determined by the Govt. or the Commission as the case may be. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 1. In no circumstances, applications of any stage shall be accepted after the last prescribed date and time. Applications found without requisite informations and without photograph and signature, even when received in time, may be summarily rejected. 2. In the On-line system, the candidates must ensure that all the requisite informations have been duly filled and must click the submit Button by the last prescribed Date & Time. Candidates must take the Print and keep it safely. In any discrepancy, the candidates will have to produce the said print otherwise no request shall be entertained. 3. Those candidates, willing to take the benefit of the reservation/ age relaxation must obtain a certificate, issued by the competent authority, in support of the reserved category, in the prescribed format printed in this detailed advertisement (Appendix-3) and submit the same to the Commission, whenever required to do so. Those claiming more than one reservation/age relaxation will be given only one such concession, which will be more beneficial. The Candidates who are not originally domiciled of U.P. belonging to SC, ST, O.B.C., E.W.Ss, dependents of freedom fighters, Ex-Army personnel, Skilled Players and P.H. are not entitled to benefit of reservation/age relaxation. Such candidates will be treated as unreserved (general) candidates. In case of the women candidates, the caste certificate issued from father side will be treated valid. 4. The Commission do not advise to candidates about their eligibility. Therefore, they should carefully read the advertisement and when satisfied about their eligibility as per conditions of the advertisement, only then apply. The candidates must possess all the requisite qualifications till the last date for submitting the applications. 5. In the category of dependents of the freedom fighters only sons, daughters, grandsons (Son’s son/daughter’s son) and grand daughters (son’s daughter/daughter’s daughter, married/unmarried) are covered. It is advised that the candidates of aforesaid category must obtain the reservation certificate from the District Magistrate in terms of Govt. Order No. 453/79-V-1-15-1(Ka)-14-2015, dated 07.4.2015 in the prescribed format and submit the same. 6. In the event of involvement of a candidate in the concealment of any important information, pendency of any case/criminal case, conviction, more than a husband or wife being alive, submission of facts in a distorted manner, malpractice, canvassing for candidature/selection etc., the Commission reserves the right to reject the candidature and debar him from appearing in the examination in question and in all other future examinations and selections. 7. In case the candidates feel any problem in the “On-line Application” they may get their problem resolved by contacting over phone or on Website clicking ‘Cont